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Optimizing Fertility

1 in 8 women experience thyroid imbalance and it’s time more of us become educated on how to tackle it
Lisha & Jema Lee
May 10, 2023
55 min

Lisha Talks Thyroid Health

Lisa talks with a wellness nutritionist who says you can reverse your hypothyroid symptoms naturally
Lisha & Lisa Fischer
September 3, 2021
54 min

Understanding Thyroid Health

Learn what the thyroid is, how it functions, why it fails, and how to reclaim your health
Lisha & Naturally Noelle
March 7, 2023
45 min

Let's Get Checked Webinar

Learn more about the small, but powerful thyroid gland, how to spot imbalances
Lisha & Collaborator(s)
January 27, 2022
60 min

Best Foods For Hypothyroidism

Specialist Lisha Knicely helps us with the ins and outs of diet and hypothyroidism
Lisha & Sophia DeSantis
July 21, 2021
26 min

Ask the Thyroid Dietitian

How Mindset, Alcohol, Caffeine and Exercise Affect You and Your Thyroid
Lisha & Bett Lucas
July 14, 2021
52 min

Thyroid Talks with Lisha Knicely

Lisha shares with us her own personal journey and wisdom
Lisha & Aliz Toth
October 16, 2020
60 min