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9 years of experience restoring thyroid health and transforming lives

I was once in

In 2017, I discovered during a routine check up that my thyroid markers were severely out of range. Despite being a Dietitian and leading a healthy lifestyle, my TSH was 42.6, T4 and T3 levels were well below normal, and my TPO antibodies read off the charts at >1,000.

My initial confusion faded when I realized the persistent symptoms I had been experiencing throughout my twenties now had a reason and cause. My crippling fatigue, ice cold hands and feet, weight loss resistance, inflammation, high cholesterol, achy muscles, hair loss, dry skin, anxiety, and digestive issues, now had a name...Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

Being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition was scary and overwhelming. Despite my career and background, I felt anything but equipped to support my body. My doctors offered medication and periodic lab work, but I knew there was more to be done if I wanted to fully recover and truly become symptom free.

I recovered

I refused to stand by and not play a role in assisting my body to heal. Hashimoto's is a lifelong condition and I wanted to learn everything I could to better understand how to manage this disease long term. In 2018, I became a certified Functional & Integrative Practitioner, which gave me the insight and tools to begin addressing the root cause of my autoimmunity - an imbalanced immune system.

Through targeted nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, and behavior modifications, I began to eliminate symptoms, restore my health, and reclaim my life. I lost the 20 extra pounds I gained due to my under-active thyroid, restored my energy, reduced my anxiety, normalized my cholesterol, supported my hair and skin health, improved my gut function, lowered inflammation, and overall regained my confidence.

I experienced first hand that healing IS possible and wanted to show others it was possible too! Thus my business was born, where I exclusively help Thyroid Warriors living with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's achieve a symptom-free life.

I am here to

Just as my story is unique to me, I know every Thyroid Warrior has their own journey. I no longer take any day for granted and cherish the health I continuously work hard to maintain. I know many have struggled or given up because their health has diminished so greatly.

Recovery is the fuel for what I do and the reason I’m thrilled you are here reading my words now. I hope that, at the very least, I have inspired you to refuse to be or feel anything less than optimal. I want you to experience how great your body is designed to feel. I want you to love your body again too, just as I have!

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I can help put you on the path to recovery.

Lisha, RDN, IFP
Founder, Thyroid Recovery Program