Thyroid Recovery Program

The online program to help you restore, balance, and reclaim your health
Focused Thyroid Support

You can trust that you're receiving expert care from a fellow Thyroid Warrior, Dietitian, and Functional Practitioner who understands the intricacies of your condition and stays updated with the latest research and recommendations.

Holistic, Tailored Plans

You are unique and your care should reflect that.  Personalized treatment plans are available with all functional testing panels that consider your individual root imbalances, symptoms, lifestyle, and preferences.

Realistic, Sustainable Changes

Change can be overwhelming and scary but inside the Thyroid Recovery Program, we promote small yet powerful changes that make a big impact on your health. No restrictive or complex protocols that are difficult to implement into your day-to-day life.

Connection and Encouragement

You’ll never be alone as a member of the Thyroid Recovery Program. Each member has the opportunity to connect with fellow thyroid warriors in a private online community and during weekly live coaching meetings. You’ll be encouraged and supported by individuals who understand and empathize with the unique obstacles that come with thyroid disease.

Does This Sound Like You?

Do you find yourself constantly battling fatigue, no matter how much you rest?

Are you frustrated with weight gain and difficulty in managing your weight, despite your best efforts?

Do you have normal thyroid blood work and are on medication, yet still experience persistent symptoms that affect your daily life?

Have you tried various diets or health programs but still feel like your thyroid symptoms aren't improving?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information about managing thyroid health and desire a personalized, research-backed approach?

Are you looking for a holistic approach that addresses not just your symptoms but the root of your health issues?

Living With These Thyroid Symptoms?
Inability to lose weight
Inflamed and leaky gut​
​Thinning hair/hair loss
Disappearing eyebrows
​Elevated cholesterol
Brain fog
​Irregular menstrual cycle​
Fertility issues​
Low libido
Anxiety or depression​
Mood swings or irritability
Heart palpitations
Puffiness in hands or face
​Joint pain or cramps​
​High or low blood sugar​
Dry skin​ or brittle nails
Cold intolerance
Let's Get to the Root Cause of Your Symptoms
Learn how to create effective habits that result in long term symptom relief

Hi there!

A fellow Thyroid Warrior turned Thyroid Expert on a mission to educate, support, and guide YOU to a symptom-free life.

You deserve more than brief visits with your doctor that only involve medication adjustments and routine lab work. You deserve the comprehensive education and guidance it takes to become your own healer and truly reclaim your health.

Don’t let symptoms hold you back any longer, learn how to reverse your symptoms using natural methods so you can live your dream life. Click below to learn more about my thyroid healing journey.

Comprehensive Modules

Designed to support your whole wellbeing for optimal thyroid function
Get oriented to the program, connect with members, and start your journey
Mindset & Behavior
Learn to build a resilient, positive mindset that leads to healing
Optimize your diet to support thyroid function and calm inflammation
Explore the thyroid gland, hormones, lab ranges, and medication options
The Gut
Reverse leaky gut, eliminate GI issues, and reduce chronic inflammation
Naturally restore adrenal function and balance stress hormones
Improve detox pathways, metabolic health, and thyroid hormones
Discover expert fitness training for all experience levels

Personalized Programs Tailored to Fit Your Goals

Unlock your best self with one-on-one, group coaching, and independent programs created to support your unique lifestyle
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Your Wellness, Your Way

Residents of the U.S. can use their FSA/HSA cards to help cover the cost of these programs


$97per month
Weekly 60-Minute Group Coaching Sessions
10% Discount on Practitioner-Grade Nutraceuticals
30+ On-Demand Video Lessons
180 Thyroid-Friendly Recipes, Meal Plans, and Shopping Lists
Private Online Thyroid Community
Forever Digital Workbooks, Handouts, and Resources
Unlimited Email Support
Private Online Thyroid Community


$697for 12 months
30+ On-Demand Video Lessons
180 Thyroid-Friendly Recipes, Meal Plans, and Shopping Lists
Forever Digital Workbooks, Handouts, and Resources
Private Online Thyroid Community

Basic plan

Ideal for small teams and startups.
Access to all basic features
Basic reporting and analytics
Up to 10 individual users
20GB individual data each user
Basic chat and email support
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Enterprise plan

Large teams with unlimited users.
Advanced custom fields
Audit log and data history
Unlimited individual users
Unlimited individual data
Personalised+priotity service
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Deciding Which Program is Right For You

Our Group Program is the perfect choice for those who prefer the flexibility of self-paced learning combined with the support of a community. This program is tailored for individuals who are proactive in managing their thyroid health, but desire expert guidance and feedback.  Each week, you'll have the opportunity to participate in live 60-minute group coaching sessions, providing a platform for shared learning and mutual encouragement. You will have full access to the Thyroid Recovery Program content, which includes over 30 on-demand video lessons, enabling you to learn at your own pace. The lessons are designed to be engaging and informative, covering essential aspects of thyroid health.  Alongside this, you'll have forever access to digital workbooks, handouts, and resources, ensuring you have the information you need, whenever you need it. Lastly, you’ll have unlimited email support for expert advice that’s just a message away.

Our Hybrid Program is the key to transforming your thyroid health and is designed for those who want a clear, effective path to reduce symptoms and improve thyroid function. With personal one-on-one sessions, you'll receive guidance that's tailored just for you, focusing on what your body needs.  We use advanced functional testing panels like GI MAP and DUTCH to pinpoint exactly what's affecting your thyroid (exploring hormones, gut health, and more). This means we can create a plan that targets your specific issues, leading to faster, more effective results. Ongoing support is provided with unlimited, confidential email communication. You'll also get full access to the Thyroid Recovery Program which contains over 30 easy-to-understand video lessons and resources that help you learn more about your thyroid and how to keep it healthy. Plus, you have the option to join live group coaching sessions for additional support, education, and community connection.

Our Independent Program is the perfect solution for those who prefer to navigate their thyroid health journey independently. This program is specially designed for individuals who value the freedom to learn and explore at their own pace, without the need for live coaching or support. With this program, you gain full access to over 30 on-demand video lessons that  are packed with essential information, making it easy for you to understand and manage your thyroid health effectively. In addition, you'll receive access to our extensive digital resources, including workbooks, handouts, and more, ensuring you have all the information you need for your health journey. Plus, you'll be part of our private online thyroid community, a space to connect with others on similar paths, share experiences, and gain insights. Choose our Self-Guided Program for an independent, resource-rich path to better thyroid health.

Hear from

Program members who improved their thyroid function and got lasting results
"This program is filled with tons of info and support. I really appreciated Alisha's knowledge on many subjects related to thyroid health and her availability to answering questions. Would recommend to anyone wanting to get serious about their thyroid health and health in general!"
Lauren K.
"All of the information in relation to Hashimoto's and good health practices was wonderful; it was presented well, easy to understand and valuable. From understanding thyroid function, to triggers and testing, and further to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle - this collection is very helpful and covered a wide variety of elements. I especially like the additional guest expert contributions and Patrick's neuroscience topics in understanding deeper as to the 'why' behind much of what we do/feel/think and face with this disease. I feel more empowered having this knowledge as I go forward in my quest to heal from Hashimoto's and know that I have several choices in the matter. Thank You for your guidance, energy and positivity, Lisha. You really put a lot into this program so we can understand and do better for ourselves and I appreciate your professionalism and pleasant personality."
Dawn K.
"Lisha is amazing! She provides a holistic, nonjudgmental approach to clients. One of her greatest talents is her ability to meet people where they are. This program provides SO MANY resources for managing chronic illness and autoimmune disorders—both the mental and physical toll it can take on someone. If Lisha didn’t specialize in thyroid and autoimmunity, I would recommend her to everyone I know!"
Emily N.
"I found this program really helpful and learned a lot of strategies to improve my thyroid health. Lisha is so knowledgeable and the modules are so well organized. Pretty much all of my questions were answered in the module info and if there were any additional questions I had, Lisha was so responsive and helpful."
Bethany S.
North Carolina
"I wanted to start by saying thank you for the program I have gained so much of valuable knowledge and information that I will be slowly implementing into my Journey. With the knowledge and my determination and discipline I am sure I will see good changes and finally get better and heal myself. The content has been a real eye opener for me and it's just so disappointing that none of my endocrinologists have ever covered event 1% of what is in your course. I feel very lucky to have found you and to know what know now. The course was so easy to follow and broken down into easy to digest pieces, presented in a logical order. I've really enjoyed it and the fact that you're a Hashimoto's warrior also gives me complete confidence in the advice. Thank you for dedicating yourself to helping others!"
Nicole R.
"Some results are in!!! TSH starting was 2.93 now it is 1.99 all in a little less than3 months. My thyroglobulin went from 109 to 1! To a ONE in 3 months!!!!! That is normal range!!

3 months ago when I started working with you, my fasting alc was a 5.5 and now it is a 5.0. My fasting glucose was a 111 and now it is an 80!!

Everything else is trending in the right direction!
Thank you for ALL of your support and guidance!"
Becca W.
"Great program! Lisha is very thorough and is interested in getting to the root causes. What sets this program apart is you have 100% access to Lisha via email support...which is VERY helpful."
Sarah K.
"I am grateful to Lisha's expertise and guidance. Having an autoimmune disease is not a one size fits all and her program is crafted to each person's individual needs. I have participated in both the hybrid and one on one and can't say enough about how this has worked. I had no clue that my Gl.gut issues were part of my health challenges and now have a plan. I can tell you that after 3 months, I feel more energy, losing weight, but mostly feeling healthy again. The modules, group coaching and individual coaching are imperative. Thank you for your support and expertise. Highly recommend to anyone with Hashimoto's or any autoimmune looking for an integrated and holistic course of action."
Lisa A.
"I joined the Thyroid Recovery Program to get a better understanding of what/why I was feeling so many symptoms while assuming my thyroid was under control. Wow! I was amazed at how the individual modules answered so many questions and gave me comfort I hadn't been able to achieve through my Endocrinologist. The weekly group discussions were a huge bonus:) I would highly recommend this program :) "
Lisa S.
New York
"The program has impacted me immensely and has improved my quality of life. I’m optimistic about managing my Hashimoto’s. You won’t be disappointed in the program! It’s helpful and comprehensive while still being easy to understand."
Erin P.
"After finishing the program, I felt better than I had in a very long time. I no longer wake up in the morning and immediately need a nap. I don't feel uncomfortable and super bloated after every meal. I am now armed with the tools and knowledge I need to manage my Hashimoto's symptoms in a way that I never thought was possible."
Shelby H.
"Lisha gave me the tools I needed to decipher my blood work results and has guided me through learning what nutrition my body needs. My thyroid levels are better than ever and I'm feeling great thanks to her help."
Jen J.
"What helped me most was Lisha's slow and steady approach. She gave me small sustainable changes that I felt empowered to make instead of too many changes that I felt guilty for not being able to keep up with. I felt so much more informed than I've ever felt when it comes to my thyroid health."
Kiersten B.
"Lisha has been a great listening ear and a knowledgeable teacher on Hashimoto's. I followed her professional advice and in a matter of 6 months my TSH levels lowered from a 7 to a 2.01! I proved it to myself and care team that nutrition and lifestyle seriously help heal the body!"
"I began to feel more focused, more light, and with each week I keep learning more. I also love the workbooks - jam packed with food lists, recipes, and meal plans. The program goes beyond just food and nutrition, Lisha makes sure to help me with my overall health and wellbeing and taking into account my lifestyle."

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Thyroid Recovery Program for?
If you have known or suspected hypothyroidism – this program is for YOU! Whether the cause of your under-active thyroid is due to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, partial or full thyroidectomy, post radioactive iodine treatment, or you simply suspect a slow and sick thyroid gland, this program has been purposefully structured to support any body with a low functioning thyroid.
Will I lose weight on this program?
The goal of this program is to support your thyroid, a happy and healthy thyroid can often mean an easier path to weight loss. To fully support your thyroid, you will be making gradual changes with your mindset, habits, and behaviors that are designed to help you achieve full-body health. Weight loss is not a guarantee, but often a natural side-effect to going through this program.
What can I expect for program length and dedication of time?
The recommended time in the program is 6 months. This is the amount of time it realistically takes to learn the content, go through the materials, and make the recommended changes. The program is paced in a manner as to not overwhelm on content but allow proper time for implementation and feedback. If you choose the membership option, you can spend as little or as long as you like in the program, dependent on how much support you desire. Plan to spend between 1-2 hours each week, between watching the video lessons, attending group coaching sessions, and completing the workbooks. Extra time may be required depending on additional time spent on individual self-care.  But remember, this is self-paced, the time and effort you put in is often correlating with the results you receive.
Are the Functional Testing Panels included in the price of the program?
Yes! In the Hybrid Program, the cost includes two functional tests (GI MAP and DUTCH), with tailored plans developed from these results for personalized treatment. However, the Group and Independent Programs do not offer these tests or individualized guidance.
Will this program cure my Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism?
If you have Hashimoto’s (an autoimmune disease) there is no known cure. However, there is the ability to better understand and support your body which may lead to remission (a reduction or absence of symptoms and improved lab work). If you have hypothyroidism not caused by Hashimoto’s, there may be the chance to recover your thyroid function to a healthy level. In either case, there are no claims to cure any disease.
Will I be able to get off my thyroid medication?
I am not a Medical Doctor, therefore it is not within my scope of practice to prescribe recommend any medication adjustments. The top priority of this program is to help individuals with hypothyroidism improve their thyroid function which may require medication (thyroid hormone replacement). The need for medication support is largely individualized and at the discretion of a Medical Doctor. However, within this program, you will be given strategies to help you better communicate with your doctor and explore the best therapies for you.
Can individuals outside of the United States join the program?
Absolutely! All program tiers are available internationally. The self-paced, virtual learning style makes it easy and convenient to progress through the modules and courses on a schedule that works for you, no matter where you are in the world. The group coaching sessions are offered weekly at varying times to accommodate differing time zones and are recorded for individuals who are unable to attend live.
I still have a question. How can I get in touch?
I'd be happy to answer any remaining questions you may have. Contact me anytime of day and I will be in touch soon!
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